Friday, December 2, 2011

Give your walls a gift for christmas

Love the textured look!

I’m letting you know now that I tend to use whatever’s on hand to create what’s in my mind. It could be because I don’t have the resources to say “oh hmm I’m going to go to the craft store today.’ ’. “And I think that I’m going to go buy X,Y,& Z to make A.”. It's actually because thats just not how it works for me sweetie! In my world it’s more like lets dig around in the craft bin and see what I can find! Today I found some scrapbook paper, tape, and these things my daughter uses for her loom.

I decided to make presents for the walls, seeing as I was short on time. Actually it’s more like the kids have a short attention span. 

To make them  simply lay out your scrapbook paper with matching loom thingys, ribbon, or whatever you have. Tie your bows and cut two ribbons to match. Tape them to the back of the scrap book paper. When it looks just perfect (with maybe just a little tweaking), give your gift to the walls with the double sided tape attached in the center of the back.

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